Broad Ripple High School

Dear Broad Ripple Families of 2011-2012

Welcome to Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities.

There are several ways to become an involved Rocket!

  • Broad Ripple does not have an active PTA at this time. There are several options available to you - START ONE! You could have a middle school PTA and a high school PTA or just one PTA and designate part of each meeting to concerns of each of those groups of children. BR’s activity director, Mrs. Lou DeBruicker (debruicl@ips.k12.in.us), has a presentation on how to begin a viable parent group for anyone who is interested.
  • Obviously, there is a website for the PTA. There is also an email communication set up. At this time the program is run by an alumni / alumni parent Alan Hague and emails sent out by an alumni parent, Juli Van Wyk. Currently there are close to 500 parents on this email list and we’d love to add more. Please email info@brhspta.org to get on the list.
  • By providing your email you can keep up with the daily goings-on at school. Your student might even come home and ask YOU about afternoon announcements!
  • We encourage all of you to either write a letter or email EVERY one of your child’s teachers to give them contact info - are you better reached by phone or by email. Introduce yourself and let the teacher know you are available to reinforce attendance, behavior, classroom work.
  • Volunteer with the Athletic Booster Club (ABC) to help in the concession stands for football and basketball games as well as some other home events. There’s an active Athletic Booster Club... Call or email alumni Kerry Yount at kerryyount@sbcglobal.net or parent Victoria Vorhis at vvorhis2@aol.com
  • Volunteer in the Media Center shelving books, covering book jackets.
  • Volunteer in the Magnet Office. Contact Mr. Matt Rimer.
  • If your child is in music, band, an athlete - talk to their coach / teacher and ask if there’s anything you can help with
  • Attend the Superintendent’s PAC (Parent Advisory Council). Dr. White hosts those meetings downtown, every other month. Then send an email to info@... and share the information that was covered
  • Support the Music Magnet by purchasing frozen food from Market Day. They have some great, quick breakfast products for kids who have a hard time getting out of bed! Visit www.marketday.com and place an order. Our account number is 27717. Product is delivered on Monday for pickup between 4 and 5pm. More info on the website.
  • Collect Boxtops for Education and send them in to school addressed to "PTA".
  • Bring your newspapers to school when you are dropping off or picking up your child and deposit them in one of the two recycle bins.
  • Reinforce to your child that SCHOOL IS THEIR JOB. Attendance, being in uniform and doing their work is THEIR JOB.
  • Check out the BR online newsletter on Broad Ripple’s website www.717.ips.k12.in.us . The website has a tab for staff (if you do not see a staff name the ips formula is typically the 1st 7 letters of the teachers last name, the 1st initial of their first name @ips.k12.in.us so for example, the email for Nancy Anderson is AndersoN@ips.k12.in.us There are exceptions but that is the general formula.